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The Secret Language of Money

At a number of business seminars and presentations, I passed out an index card and asked each person in the audience to write anonymously a single answer to each of three questions. The three questions are:1.

Just Say No to PowerPoint: Enough is Enough!

Have you ever been slideswiped? You walk into a meeting and once everyone has arrived, the lights are often dimmed and the show begins. The presenter clicks the mouse again and again, showing you slide after slide until you can take no more.
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After the Speech

Usually the emphasis on making an effective speech is what you do in preparation before the presentation begins. But if you speak very much, what you do after the speech can help you become a more effective speaker.

Incorporate Humor in Your Next Speech

Some speakers say, "I could never use humor in my speech; I just don't feel comfortable with it." I believe that anyone can use humor and that it is a valuable tool in speaking.

Super Preparation - Keys to Getting a Great Start to Every Presentation

Super Preparation -Keys to Getting a Great Start to Every Presentation Novice and expert presenters alike have had the experience of feeling a little (or may be a lot) nervous before giving a talk. In working with hundreds of people to help them improve their presentation skills, one consistent theme has emerged: once people get started, assuming things go relatively well, they begin to relax, become more natural, less self conscious, and therefore more effective.

8 Ways to Improve Your Presentation Skills

8 Ways to Improve Your Presentation Skills 1. Join Toastmasters.

Shamus Browns Top 5 Sales Presentation Tips

When its time to give your next sales presentation, here are my favorite tips for delivering powerful, charismatic, and engaging sales presentations. #1 - PLANT YOUR FEET SQUARELY ON THE FLOOR How you hold your physical body during your sales pitch communicates a tremendous amount of information about you to your audience.

How to Attract New Business Like George W. Bush Wins Elections

THE LITTLE-KNOWN SPEECHWRITING SECRETS THAT WON GEORGE W. BUSH THE US ELECTIONHe's been accused of "mangling the language, destroying its meaning by avoiding the use of verbs, twisting nouns into verbs, and endlessly repeating phrases until they become zombified" (Source:'Bush and Blair accused of mangling English' by Kate Kelland, Reuters.

Being Real From the Platform

"Let it be known, no person, thing, or situation can validate you. You validate yourself by realizing who you are.

Creating a Powerful Sales Presentation

The quality of your sales presentation will often determine whether a prospect buys from you or one of your competitors. However, experience has taught me that most presentations lack pizzazz and are seldom compelling enough to motivate the other person to make a buying decision.

Powerpoint Sales Presentations Are Boring - Stop It!

As the meeting began, the project manager of the buying committee told me that the key decision-maker would miss the first 20 minutes or so of my presentation. This was a very competitive sale that I was working on at the time.

Fading into Sameness: How Too Many Slides Can Ruin Your Presentation

"I have a love/hate relationship with PowerPoint. In the right hands, it's a great presentation tool.

Trade Show Victory!

So you're going to have a booth at a trade show. How exciting - or how terrifying - depending on your state of mind!First of all - remain calm - you're not the first person to do this.

Wow! Is That ME? - Creating a Powerful One-Page Bio

First of all, what is a bio sheet and why do you need one? A bio sheet is a one page description of who you are--your background and achievements. Your bio is an important part of how you present yourself to potential clients.

How Storytelling Can Grow Your Business

People love stories. We love to hear about other people, and stories help us to learn, remember and put to use new concepts.

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How to give an important presentation with confidence
Even if you are nominally tasked only with providing information, or presenting material that is routine in nature, consider what two or three items you want to leave in the minds of those you are presenting to. Rather than regarding these types of ...

Free autism presentation at KCC Monday
LIHUE — Kathryn Taketa-Wong, a naturopathic physician with Sacred Healing Hearts on Oahu, will be at Kauai Community College Monday to give a presentation on autism; more specifically, how to reduce risks before and after pregnancy and in early ...

Special Presentation On Total Solar Eclipse - May 8 at WHS Theater ...
The Missourian
As the Washington Area Chamber of Commerce plans for an eclipse party and viewing event in August, people can learn more about a total solar eclipse at a ...

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Seniors advocate, author Schoenfeld to give presentation
Schoenfeld says that his presentation will not be a Power Point and he won't be wearing a suit and tie, but he will relate facts and statistics about Alzheimer's, read three short segments from his book, get the audience involved and tell stories about ...

Jamaica Gleaner

Techno-tools for teachers | Presentations come to life with Prezi Next
Jamaica Gleaner
This April, approximately 85 million users across the world were given the opportunity to experience an enhanced version of Prezi Next. Designed on a principle called "conversational presenting", Prezi Next is almost sure to rekindle a passion for ...

Historic Classical in Springfield to host law presentation
SPRINGFIELD –Judge Joseph Pellegrino and his son, attorney Raipher Pellegrino, 1954 and 1984 Classical High School graduates, respectively, will speak at Classical Condominiums about their legal careers. Historic Classical Inc. will host the Sunday, ...

UMSL Daily (blog)

UMSL presentation gives voice to Holocaust victims, connects survival stories
UMSL Daily (blog)
Following the “Voices from the Holocaust: Music Makes You Free” presentation, Munk, an adviser for the UMSL Jewish Student Association, connected with presenters on her family history. Their patriarch preferred not to speak of his imprisonment, but the ...

Union Democrat

Brain trauma survivor makes anti-bullying presentation
Union Democrat
Don't be a bystander, be an upstander. Speak up. Lead by example. Reach out and help others. This mantra began at the microphone from anti-bullying advocate and brain trauma recoverer Bryan Stow, 48, and was echoed by the more than 100 Summerville ...

China Post

KMT chairmanship hopefuls gear up for first televised platform ...
China Post
TAIPEI, Taiwan --A heated exchange is expected, as the first televised political platform presentation for the Kuomintang (KMT) chairmanship election is set to ...

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Edited Transcript of PSX earnings conference call or presentation 28 ...
Yahoo Finance
Welcome to the First Quarter 2017 Phillips 66 Earnings Conference Call. My name is Krista, and I will be your operator for today's call. (Operator Instructions) ...

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